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Our Progam

New Jersey Freedom is a NJ AAU girls basketball program for talented and dedicated youth basketball players.  Our program is made up of players ranging in age from 11 to 17 years old.  The purpose of this organization is to teach the basic skills of basketball.  More importantly, the girls are learning the values of physical fitness, working together, and developing leadership skills all of which will benefit them in their lives.


How can NJ Freedom help get you exposure?


Exposure and visibility are key elements in our program. We have cultivated relationships with numerous colleges and coaches. NJ Freedom has put countless players in Division I, II, and III colleges since its inception.  


Club Philosophy


NJ Freedom will always be known as a teaching organization that helps its athletes on and off the court. This helps run the gamut from reinforcing positive values to educating the players about college opportunities that are available.  NJ Freedom recognizes the priorities of family, religion, and school, and enthusiastically accepts its role as a basketball-related complement to those important responsibilities and relationships. At the same time, we value and respect the benefits of participation in the game of basketball and will continue to treat the game for what it is a chance for players to have fun, learn to compete, and grow as individuals.


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