Late burst propels Gibbs, Boonton

Devin Gibbs, a freshman making her second start, was another standout, scoring a career-high 15 points. The 5-foot-8 Gibbs, whom Drury refers to as a "shooting forward," also converted a trio of field goals from outside the arc and had eight of the Bombers' 10 points in the opening quarter. Groll worked well with Gibbs, kicking out to her often rather than driving to the hoop.

"We worked better as a team and waited for the open shots," Gibbs said. "I just wanted to help. Starting varsity is a little intimidating because I'm a freshman. I could hear the crowd yelling 'Hit Devin in the corner' and 'Let's go, Rhiannon.' That motivates me."

Gibbs' spirits were lifted, too, by having her parents, Bill, who coaches her AAU team, and Theresa on hand to cheer for her and Boonton. A group of boys from the freshman team gave Gibbs an additional push. She glanced into the stands several times and saw them "dabbing."

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